DIY Book Page Envelopes

DIY Book Page Envelopes

We sell book page envelopes for our craft challenged followers BUT we also want to show you how to make them yourself for those that love to get crafty.

Size matters! Unless you are making your own custom card...but if you want them to fit a standard greeting card, you will want to make sure you have a book page large enough.

If you don't want to tear your own books, you can buy a page pack with book pages of various sizes and patina here.

A standard greeting card is 5.5 by 4.25. I found a book page that is 6.5 inches wide so that I had plenty of paper to make my folds.

Book Page
Glue Stick

DIY Envelopes

First you will fold the bottom towards the top, leaving about 4.5 inches of folded area.

DIY Envelopes

Next your will fold each side over about .25 inches.

Book Page Craft

Then cut just like the photos below.

DIY Envelopes

DIY Book Page Envelopes

Next apply glue to remaining folded tabs.

Book Page Crafts

Next fold up the bottom and press down on the glue.

Book Crafts

Gently fold the two sides together and cut as shown below.

Envelope Folding

Fold over the top and DONE!

DIY Envelope

DIY Book Page Envelopes
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