The Basics of Book Collecting!

The Basics of Book Collecting!

If you have wanted to start a book collection but don't know where to are in the right place!

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A House of Books was created from our love of books. Before there was A House of Books, there was The House of Elements which specializes in curated book sets for Interior Design. As we started sorting through 1000's and 1000's of books we started finding more rare books that were simply too valuable to sell for home decor.

So began the tedious research on how to determine value, editions, and more. We have taken all the information we have learned and tested throughout the years and compiled it into one quick reference document.

Book Collecting Basics

We will dig deeper on each of these subjects in the following blogs from how to care for your book collection, different types of bindings, and more.

We are available to answer questions and help you as you start your collection via email, Facebook, and Instagram!

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