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Coordinated Journal Kit with Reversible Cover

Coordinated Journal Kit with Reversible Cover

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Coordinated journaling kit with premade journal cover and journaling accessories. The double sided journal cover can be used with either side as the front. You receive all the journal accessories shown in the photograph to be used while you embellish and decorate your journal.

Accessories can include sewn fabric envelopes and fabric pages with pockets as well as tags, tuck ins, booklets, and more. These items are all coordinated for a cohesive collection making it easy for you to get started!

Items are made from both authentic vintage and reproduction items we have made from authentic vintage items we have found and gathered.

Did you know 320 million books are sent to our landfills each year! We strive to reduce that number and are committed to giving books a new life in book collections, ephemera, and more.

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