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Junk Journaling Kit with Prompts and Supplies- Choose Your Color

Junk Journaling Kit with Prompts and Supplies- Choose Your Color

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The perfect journaling kit for those just starting out or struggling for inspiration. Choose your color scheme and we will handmake your journal with coordinating pages and supplies. We have chosen 25 journaling prompts and included the supplies to start the creative process. Prompts includes things like vintage photos, maps, music sheets, buttons and more.

We have also included 20 creative journaling ideas and explanations in a ring bound book. These are printed in a vintage postcard style with blank backs so they can be used in your journal as well. Most prompts include items and supplies you already have at home but we have included some items in your kit just in case. Items included in your kit are stencil, stamp, needle and thread, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, and paint brush.

Lastly, we have included a tassel kit in the color scheme chosen to add onto your journal.

Contents are nicely arranged in a kraft window top box with book page shred filler paper.

Did you know 320 million books are sent to our landfills each year! We strive to reduce that number and are committed to giving books a new life in book collections, ephemera, and more.

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