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ATC Group International Postage

ATC Group International Postage

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This is for the purchase of a Global Forever Stamp Booklet. Booklet includes 10 stamps that can mail a first class envelope of 1 oz. If weight is over an oz, another stamp will be added to your envelope.

These stamps work in countries that accept USPS first class mail. Please reference the following link to verify.

We will hold your stamps for future trades and add them to your envelope. There will be no refunds if you don't use all of your booklet. These stamps don't include tracking. We are not responsible for lost mail. Please keep track of your stamp count and purchase additional postage when needed.

Keep in mind that we are doing this completely voluntary and receive no benefit in offering this service. We are simply offering this service for International Artists that want to join the group.

When purchasing...please include the name on the envelope of your ATC's so we can easily identify you.
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