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Old Book, Dulcy: A Comedy in Three Acts by George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly

Old Book, Dulcy: A Comedy in Three Acts by George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly

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General Description: "In her eager determination to be helpful to her husband and friends Dulcy plans a week-end party. They are an ill-assorted group, such as only Dulcinea could summon about her. The three acts reveal them just before and after dinner on the evening of their arrival and the following morning. Their brief association becomes an unbroken series of hilarious tragedies. It is Dulcy's final blunder which unexpectedly crowns all her mistaken efforts with success. Meanwhile she has all but ruined her husband's plans to put through an important business merger. Among her guests is a rapturous scenario writer who conspires to elope with the daughter of the capitalist, who loathes motion pictures; the plausible rich young man from Newport, whom Dulcy invites because he may be useful in assisting the aspirations of the capitalist's wife to become a writer for the films turns out to be an escaped lunatic; the ex-convict whom she has employed as a butler in her work of social uplift steals a diamond necklace belonging to one of the guests. Everything goes wrong, including the bridge, the golf and the billiards."

Title: Dulcy: A Comedy in Three Acts
Author: George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly
Copywrite: 1921
First Edition: Yes
Signed: No

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Condition: Very Good
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