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Ephemera Subscription

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Ephemera kit perfect for junk journaling, scrapbooks, bullet journals, card making and more. Kits can include vintage papers, journal cards, cuts and scraps, fabric scraps, envelopes, music, stickers, buttons, poetry, stamps, postcards and other journaling supplies.

The majority of paper items included are actual vintage papers and not mass produced providing you with unique crafting opportunities.

We offer three different size options to fit your needs. The quantities listed are the minimum amount but we get so excited making these kits, there is much more!

Small- 75+ items with the largest paper size around 8 inches tall in a natural canvas zippered pouch.

Medium- 150+ items with the largest paper size around 8 inches tall. Upgrade includes a handmade vintage fabric covered pouch. Also includes special items including vintage book covers and other unique options.

Large- 200+ items with the largest paper size around 12 inches tall in a handmade vintage fabric pouch. Upgrade includes the increased paper size, additional vintage book covers, specialized items like book spines, photographs, and handmade items like envelopes, stamped fabric, sketched pages, and more.

Subscription kits are mailed on the 1st of every month. If you start your subscription mid-month you will be charged at the time the order is placed. However, your first mailing will not be sent until the 1st. You will NOT be charged again at that time. Your next charge will not take place until your second mailing.

If you opt for a discounted rate by choosing a commitment of 3, 6, or 12 months and want to cancel before the chosen period ends, there will be an early cancelation fee applied before we can process the early cancellation. The fee would be the total of the discount provided to you multiplied by the number of months you received a kit.

Did you know 320 million books are sent to our landfills each year! We strive to reduce that number and are committed to giving books a new life in book collections, ephemera, and more.