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Rare Books, Firehead by Lola Ridge, Antique Poetry

Rare Books, Firehead by Lola Ridge, Antique Poetry

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Vintage book, rare book, and signed books to add to your book collection.

Collectible and rare book. Our vintage books are the perfect addition to your book collection.

Perfect addition to your book collection! Looking for a gift to give the reader in your life? Vintage books are not only beautiful but collectible.

General Description: "The scene and time are from dawn to dawn on the day of the Crucifixion. The significance of that day to Christ, to John, to Peter, and to the two Marys, is interpreted in majestic language, with extraordinary insight. The word 'spiritual' is often carelessly used, but, in the greatest sense, this long epic poem is in every line instinct with the spirit. It speaks with the 'Pentecostal Tongue.'"

Title: Firehead
Author: Lola Ridge
Copywrite: 1929
First Edition: Yes
Signed: Yes

Estimated Retail Value: $69.99
*estimate is subjective based on number of available copies and comparable condition of copy.

Condition: As shown in photographs
Notable Blemishes:

You will receive the actual book photographed. Books will be shipped using Media Mail wrapped in saran wrap to protect it during shipping.

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